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Stranger in the Alps

Band/Artist: Phoebe BridgersAlbum:Stranger in the AlpsBest song: “Funeral” is the best song on this album, but the first four songs are all near-perfect.Worst song:I don’t love the cover of “You Missed My Heart” In the summer, I had a nice run of keeping this site up and I really thought I was going to keep […]

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Norman Fucking Rockwell!

Band/Artist: Lana Del ReyAlbum:Norman Fucking RockwellBest song: “Cinnamon Girl” is one of the best songs of 2019.Worst song: “Doin’ Time” is not good! This week marks the anniversary of Chloe’s passing and I would feel somewhat foolish if I didn’t note it. The coming week also marks a year of Lulu being in my life, […]

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For My Crimes

Band/Artist: Marissa NadlerAlbum: For My CrimesBest song: “Blue Vapor” or the title trackWorst song: “Said Goodbye to That Car,” but that’s still a good song. This is a great album I have tried to stay on good terms with every woman I’ve dated seriously. Believe it or not, that is a decently-high number for someone […]

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…And Justice For All

Band/Artist: Metallica Album: …And Justice For All Best song: “One” or “Blackened” Worst song: This is pretty much great all the way through. Fairly recently, actor and Simpsons voice genius Hank Azaria started a conversation on Twitter (this is how we all communicate now, by the way: Someone just throws some meat into the Twitter […]

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What Is This That Stands Before Me?

Band/Artist: Various Artists Album: What Is This That Stands Before Me? Best song: “Changes” Worst song:“Symptom of the Universe.” I’ve yet to write about Zola Jesus on this site and it’s certainly pretty weird my first writing about her work comes within the context of her single song on a compilation of Black Sabbath covers. […]

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Purple Mountains

Band/Artist: Purple Mountains Album: Purple Mountains Best song: “Margaritas at the Mall,” hands-down. It’s one of Berman’s best songs in his catalogue. Worst song: “Maybe I’m the Only One for Me” is a good song, but the record’s weakest. In the Conservative American Judaism I grew up with – even the different branches of Judaism, […]

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He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…

Band/Artist: A Silver Mt. Zion Album: He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms… Best song: “For Wanda” and “13 Angels Standing Guard ’round the Side of Your Bed” Worst song: “Long March Rocket or Doomed Airliner” is not a song, necessarily. I was having a conversation […]

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Hiss Spun

Band/Artist: Chelsea Wolfe Album: Hiss Spun Best song: “16 Psyche” Worst song: “Twin Fawn” is a great song, but the least fitting on the record. One of the things about getting older is that you lost touch with a lot of your friends. If you don’t have an activity with them – this is partially […]

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Band/Artist: Konvent Album: Demo Best song: “Chernobyl Child” Worst song: None. The demo is four excellent songs. I usually try to write these posts with something of a hook other than “check out this band I like,” but I really just wanted to highlight how much I like the Konvent demo.

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Mare Vitalis

Band/Artist: The Appleseed Cast Album: Mare Vitalis Best song: “Mare Mortis” or “Fishing the Sky” Worst song: “Kilgore Trout” isn’t much One of my favorite things currently online is a video series for Deadspin called “Let’s Remember Some Guys.” For the uninitiated, the basic idea of the series is that two Deadspin staff members (David […]

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