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Band: Jim O’Rourke Album: Insignificance Best song: “Memory Lame” and “Therefore, I Am” are awesome. “All Downhill From Here” is very good. Worst song: The final track, “Life Goes Off” is not great. I didn’t drink in college, so I had a slightly different college experience than a lot of people. Which is to say […]

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The Virgin Suicides

Band: Air Album: The Virgin Suicides Best song: “Playground Love” is the only song with actual singing, done by the dude from Phoenix, but “The Word ‘Hurricane’” is a pretty great song. Worst song: Being that it’s mostly a score, it’s hard to discount any single part of the album. With a little peak inside […]

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Band: Wilco Album: Summerteeth Best song: There are no bad songs, but I’d suggest that there are a few not-great songs. My favorite is probably “Via Chicago,” but that changes with the day. Worst song: “Summer Teeth” isn’t great. This is, most-assuredly, a first-world post. I can understand if anyone who was not raised within […]

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How It Feels to Be Something On

Band: Sunny Day Real Estate Album: How It Feels to Be Something On Best song: “Guitar and Video Games” is my favorite. Worst song: “Two Promises” has lyrics I can’t support, but is otherwise a decent song. When I was in junior high, I was an avid watcher of Saved by the Bell; just about […]

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Band: Daft Punk Album: Homework Best song: The singles were great. “Da Funk,” “Around the World,” “Phoenix” and “Burnin’” are all amazing. Worst song: “Teachers” is pretty bad. This current project is something of a lesser execution of something I’d wanted to do for a while. Originally, I had wanted to put together a list […]

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Millions Now Living Will Never Die

Band: Tortoise Album: Millions Now Living Will Never Die Best song: “Glass Museum” is a classic, “Djed” is a cool sound experiment and “The Taut and the Tame” is amazing. Really, no song is bad on this album. Worst song: All great. I have a Tony Kornheiser story — ask me about it if/when you […]

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One Hot Minute

Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers Album: One Hot Minute Best song: Come on. Even Dave Navarro can’t save this turd. Worst song: All bad. I started high school in 1995, but I almost exclusively listened to classic rock at the time. Certainly, indie rock of the time — Smog’s 1995 record Wild Love would steal […]

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Band: Tool Album: Undertow Best song: “Prison Sex” is probably the best song, but the entire album is very strong. Worst song: I honestly like every song on this album. This is the week of Passover and I’m on quite the streak of nonseders. Oddly enough, Passover is probably my favorite Jewish holiday, as it’s […]

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Transmissions from the Satellite Heart

Band: The Flaming Lips Album: Transmissions from the Satellite Heart Best song: “Slow Nerve Action” and “She don’t Use Jelly” are classics. Worst song: “Be My Head” isn’t amazing. Beavis and Butthead was sort of a defining show in my youth. The show came out at a time when I fetishized the adolescence that I […]

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Band: Soundgarden Album: Badmotorfinger Best song: “Jesus Christ Pose,” “Rusty Cage,” “Slaves & Bulldozers,” “Outshined” and “Room a Thousand Years Wide” are all great. Worst song: The whole album is pretty excellent. Though it wasn’t at the time — I was likely still listening to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice as an elementary school kid […]

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