About Ross

My work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Gazette, The Atlantic, Sno-Cone and several defunct zines. I have a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, with a political science minor and received my Master's in communications from American University.

I speak functional Spanish and less-than-functional Italian. I have covered such events as DC high school sports, the 2008 election of Barack Obama, DC Sniper trials, the government shutdown of 2013, the 2016 election, Snowpocalypse and many others.

I am the Engagement Editor for Government Executive Media Group and administer a staff that produces four top news sites devoted to covering the public sector. For the last few years, I produced Atlantic Media's Play of the Day feature, showcasing late-night humor directed at government and politics. I also produced the Excellence in Government Podcast for two years.

I used to run a blog with my late friend about Chicago baseball that has been dormant for a while. I also wrote a project that reviewed all 500 albums on Rolling Stone's list of the best of all time. I have a dormant album review blog called Albums that I Own. It isn't really about anything other than my life and I have not updated it in a while.

I live, play softball and work in Washington, DC with my rescue bulldogs, Mattie and Chloe.

Because people ask, my name is pronounced as such (thanks, Google Translate!). It's Italian.