Watching sports means watching ads geared for guys

I often take on far too easy subjects, so here is a column about advertising (An old version is here).


Living the dog's life: Naked, hungry and huggable

I'm actually a little less satisfied with this one that I should be. My editor loved it. I think it has turned out to be pretty mediocre. For what it's worth, it's about my dog.


Stupid is as stupid buys

I really love this column, mostly because a photo of my dog appeared with the column. It's pretty goofy, but I really enjoyed rereading it, seven years later ( version is here).


Keep on truckin' with newest fashions

There are a few noteworthy things about this column. First, I've since learned to dress like a normal person. Second, trends have changed. Third, the most memorable thing about my writing this was that I misspelled, like, forty things in the original draft. I did not know how to spell Louis Vuitton properly, for example ( version is here).


School daze -- memories of those glorious four years

It's worth noting that my dear friend Karen Schafer is the reason I was able to write these columns and get them published. She was the editor at The Gazette that let me write this pieces. The reason I continue to write, largely, is that she encouraged me at the beginning ( version is here).



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