I’m a multimedia editor in Washington, D.C. and you can see my regular homepage here to learn about my professional life.

If you want to read about my music biases (originally written for my RS project), click here.

Said RS project is here with an explanation of it here.

Otherwise, I’m on Twitter over here.

Or just Google my name. Lots of old stuff in that Google search.


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  1. Posted February 27, 2012 at 2:00 pm | Permalink

    Hey!! I randomly found your site about the rolling stone’s album project. That’s so funny because I thought I was the first to come up with that idea! lol Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun listening to all the albums and I am having fun reading some of the things you have written. I’ve only been working on the project since the summer!

    Anywho, glad I stopped by and I’ll be sure to keep up with some of your additional posts!


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