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Songs About Fucking

Band: Big BlackAlbum: Songs For Lovers About FuckingBest song: The band’s cover of “The Model” is amazing. “L Dopa” is probably the album’s highlight.Worst song: “Pavement Saw” is not a strong song. Is Steve Albini a bigot? The song “Passing Complexion” — from 1986’s Atomizer — contains the Albini-penned liner notes that read as such: […]

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Band: Thin LizzyAlbum: JailbreakBest song: The title track and, of course, “The Boys Are Back In Town.”Worst song: “Warriors” isn’t great. I’m going to make this brief, largely to get some content on the site… It’s really easy to mock Jailbreak as pure nonsense. And I won’t disagree. The cognitive dissonance of an Irish band […]

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