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Purple Mountains

Band/Artist: Purple Mountains Album: Purple Mountains Best song: “Margaritas at the Mall,” hands-down. It’s one of Berman’s best songs in his catalogue. Worst song: “Maybe I’m the Only One for Me” is a good song, but the record’s weakest. In the Conservative American Judaism I grew up with – even the different branches of Judaism, […]

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He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms…

Band/Artist: A Silver Mt. Zion Album: He Has Left Us Alone but Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms… Best song: “For Wanda” and “13 Angels Standing Guard ’round the Side of Your Bed” Worst song: “Long March Rocket or Doomed Airliner” is not a song, necessarily. I was having a conversation […]

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Hiss Spun

Band/Artist: Chelsea Wolfe Album: Hiss Spun Best song: “16 Psyche” Worst song: “Twin Fawn” is a great song, but the least fitting on the record. One of the things about getting older is that you lost touch with a lot of your friends. If you don’t have an activity with them – this is partially […]

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Band/Artist: Konvent Album: Demo Best song: “Chernobyl Child” Worst song: None. The demo is four excellent songs. I usually try to write these posts with something of a hook other than “check out this band I like,” but I really just wanted to highlight how much I like the Konvent demo.

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Mare Vitalis

Band/Artist: The Appleseed Cast Album: Mare Vitalis Best song: “Mare Mortis” or “Fishing the Sky” Worst song: “Kilgore Trout” isn’t much One of my favorite things currently online is a video series for Deadspin called “Let’s Remember Some Guys.” For the uninitiated, the basic idea of the series is that two Deadspin staff members (David […]

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Band/Artist: Venom Prison Album: Samsara Best song: “Uterine Industrialisation” and “Naraka “ Worst song: “Self Inflicted Violence” I’m not going to get into my dating life here (short version: I’ve not dated in ages because women sometimes pursue me despite my being a disaster person and I’m not interseted in them. I am incredibly stupid.), […]

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Band/Artist: Brutus Album: Nest Best song: “Fire” Worst song: “Horde V” No one gives a shit about my process – especially since I’m not really promoting this site, not even on Twitter – but I am trying to write more on this site. It’s awfully hard, though, because of the various (rightful) restrictions my job […]

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Band/Artist: Myrkur Album: Mareridt Best song: “Elleskudt” or “The Serpent” Worst song: “Kætteren” I love the show Forged in Fire. If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically Top Chef, but for blacksmiths. The host — a former Army Ranger named Wil Willis — gives the contestants some bit of metal to make a certain style […]

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The Catastrophist

Band/Artist: Tortoise Album: The Catastrophist Best song: Probably “Ox Duke” Worst song: Nah. As I mentioned in writing about Chris Isaak, I’ve gotten off this blog’s schedule for years now and I’m trying to get back into it. This is easier said than done because I have less optimism about my own skill set and […]

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Heart Shaped World

Band/Artist: Chris IsaakAlbum: Heart Shaped WorldBest song: I’m here to talk about “Wicked Game.”Worst song: “In the Heat of the Jungle” is not great. I’m old and tired now, but when I was a young person, music was my first passion (my first and only passion now is my dog). As recently as the beginning […]

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