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Something About Airplanes

Band: Death Cab For CutieAlbum: Something About AirplanesBest song: This is going to sound a little weird, considering “Line of Best Fit,” “Pictures in an Exhibition,” and “President of What” are classics, but I find “Your Bruise” to be one of Death Cab’s five best songs.Worst song: “The Face That Launched 1000 Shits” isn’t great. […]

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Don’t Feed Da Animals

Band: Gorilla ZoeAlbum: Don’t Feed Da AnimalsBest song: “Lost” is really introspective and interesting. “Echo” is decent.Worst song: “Talk Back” isn’t great. This really has nothing to do with anything music-related, but it’s time to talk about Twitter. With the news that the service is figuring out how to monetize itself, I imagine I should […]

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Hot Rail

Band: CalexicoAlbum: Hot RailBest song: “Ballad of Cable Hogue” is fun. “Service and Repair” is nice and accessible. “Sonic Wind” is, like, one of the 20 best songs ever written.Worst song: I like every song on this album. I’m pretty tired of the word “soundscape.” I probably use it too often in these pieces, but […]

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Mr. Beast

Band: MogwaiAlbum: Mr. BeastBest song: “Auto Rock” and “Friend of the Night.”Worst song: “Acid Food” is just OK. I’m slowly realizing that I don’t have the time I want to do all the things I want and often my hobbies suffer. I have other obligations — social, work, school, etc. — that have made it […]

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Human After All

Band: Daft PunkAlbum: Human After AllBest song: “Robot Rock” is strong. The title track is nice. “Steam Machine” works.Worst song: “Emotion” is decent, but not great. Daft Punk’s popularity is largely built on the band’s imagery and live show. It’s fitting for a duo whose fanbase mostly traffics in X and glow sticks — am […]

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