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It’s Not Me, It’s You

Band: Lily AllenAlbum: It’s Not Me, It’s YouBest song: “Not Fair” is easily the best song written about premature ejaculation. “Who’d Have Known” is among the best love songs, largely on the back of its sweetness and honesty.Worst song: “He Wasn’t There” isn’t great. Lily Allen is a odd artist to follow. Her honesty — […]

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The Drought Is Over 7

Band: Lil WayneAlbum: The Drought is Over 7Best song: “Maybach Music” — though far too short — is as good as the decent songs on Tha Carter III and “Thinking to Myself” is really good. “In the Morning” isn’t bad. “I’m a Monster” is probably the most fully-formed song.Worst song: “Trouble” isn’t great. So, I […]

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Middle Cyclone

Band: Neko CaseAlbum: Middle CycloneBest song: “People Got a Lotta Nerve” is the first single and is pretty great. “I’m an Animal” is the best song on the album.Worst song: The Harry Nilsson cover “Don’t Forget Me” isn’t great. The hardest thing about depression is that it is just that: a dip, a valley. In […]

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Cover Up

Band: MinistryAlbum: Cover UpBest song: Obviously, “Supernaut” is a classic. Ministry’s version of “Radar Love” makes it far more listenable.Worst song: “What a Wonderful World” is decidedly less than wonderful. I’m glad Ministry is gone. I love fellow Trevian Al Jourgensen’s contributions to music, but he’d gone too far afield. His final three albums were […]

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