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Paper Trail

Band: T.I.Album: Paper TrailBest song: “Live Your Life” and “Swagga Like Us” are great. The song with Ludacris, “On Top of the World” is pretty good. “Whatever You Like” is nice.Worst song: “Every Chance I Get” isn’t good. Let me get the non-political stuff out the way before I get into the meat of my […]

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Sunny Day Real Estate

Band: Sunny Day Real EstateAlbum: Sunny Day Real Estate (Sub Pop distributed the album as LP2 and it is also known colloquially as “The Pink Album,” for obvious reasons.)Best song: “Red Elephant,” “8” and “J’nuh” are all brilliant. “Iscarabaid” is wonderful.Worst song: None. Elaine, breaking up is like knocking over a coke machine. You can’t […]

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Give Up

Band: The Postal ServiceAlbum: Give UpBest song: “Brand New Colony” and “Such Great Heights” are great.Worst song: “Recycled Air” isn’t great. This month is one of anniversaries for me. In sadness, it’s May is used to recount tremendous emptiness that comes with losing someone you love. In happiness, it’s the month of Mother’s Day, a […]

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