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Band: Mariah CareyAlbum: E=MC2Best song: “Touch My Body” is a classic. “Migrate” isn’t bad.Worst song: “I Wish You Well” has some biblical stuff in it. Which is very weird. I’ve said it before, but I’m incredibly proud of my RS project. It’s too bad I never found the money to self-publish a book out of […]

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Band: The Lonely IslandAlbum: IncredibadBest song: “I’m On A Boat” is amazing and certainly “Dick in a Box” is a classic. Worst song: Bleh. Whatever. It’s all goofy jokes, no? In a way, the Lonely Island guys are the Death Cab for Cutie of comedy. The next-big-thing-cum-famous, Andy Samberg and company were indie rock comedy […]

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Thr33 Ringz

Band: T-PainAlbum: Thr33 RingzBest song: “Freeze” isn’t bad. “Therapy” is OK. “Can’t Believe It” is probably the best song on the album. “Ringleader Man” is better thaan I expected.Worst song: “Karaoke” isn’t great. You know the phrase “Too much of a good thing?” It’s an easy thing to forget, but it’s really evident everywhere. I […]

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Band: Michael JacksonAlbum: DangerousBest song: “Remember the Time” still holds up pretty well.Worst song: “Dangerous” isn’t all that good. This isn’t a particularly timely blog, by any stretch of the imagination, but I made the mistake of doing another write on Meat Puppets II, before realizing that I’d already written it. That was dumb. Anyway, […]

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Freedom of Choice

Band: DevoAlbum: Freedom of ChoiceBest song: It’s easy to say “Whip It,” being that it is probably the band’s most famous song. I’m going to go with either the political title track or the lovely sad love song “It’s Not Right.” “Girl U Want” is a popular one.Worst song: “Ton o’ Luv” isn’t wonderful. (If […]

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