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Little Earthquakes

Band: Tori AmosAlbum: Little EarthquakesBest song: “Winter” is probably Amos’ best song. “Crucify” is a good song, though the single edit is better.Worst song: “Happy Phantom” isn’t great. A few months ago, a friend of mine accused me of being pretentious because I made a comment about the Decemberists (I believe it was “Decemberists fans […]

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Band: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Album: BroomBest song: “Oregon Girl” has the best hook. “Yr Broom” is great.Worst song: “Anne Elephant” isn’t great. Overall, the whole record is just nice. Nothing great. Just listenable. How much does a band name influence its exposure? Do crappy bands get more blog-time than they should because […]

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Kicking A Couple Around

Band: SmogAlbum: Kicking A Couple Around (EP)Best song: Basically, the entire record is good. “Your New Friend” has a special place in my heart.Worst song: Nah. It’s only four songs. I don’t know if I’ve recounted the story of my favorite introduction to independent music in this space. Basically, in junior high — I started […]

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Band: Grizzly BearAlbum: VeckatimestBest song: “Two Weeks” is a delight and “Fine For Now” is amazing.Worst song: “Hold Still” isn’t great. In describing St. Vincent to a friend recently, I mentioned that Annie Clark used to work with Sufjan Stevens on some of his records. Similarly, in old conversations with my late best friend, he […]

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Rabbit Fur Coat

Band: Jenny LewisAlbum: Rabbitt Fur CoatBest song: “You Are What You Love” is great. “The Big Guns” is awesome.Worst song: “Happy” is pretty mediocre. The fourth record reviewed on this little site was that of Jenny Lewis’ band Rilo Kiley, More Adventurous. Jenny Lewis’ voice, though not really rangy, is a lovely instrument. Lewis’ first […]

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Band: Richard BucknerAlbum: SinceBest song: “Ariel Ramirez” is brilliant. “Jewelbomb” is awesome, “Believer” is a classic. The whole record is great.Worst song: No, it’s all good. For the life of me, I do not understand why Richard Buckner isn’t the world’s biggest alt-country artist. While Ryan Adams cashes huge checks and is the subject of […]

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