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Best of the decade: 41-50

50.Band: WaleAlbum: The Mixtape About Nothing In making the list, I said I wasn’t going to put any mixtapes on this list — Lil Wayne would’ve been a bigger presence, for sure — but I just couldn’t put a list of great music of the 2000s without this record. Living here in DC, Wale is a […]

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Best of the decade: 51-60

60.Band: OutkastAlbum: The Love Below/Speakerboxx OK, complete honesty here: I don’t love Outkast. More and more I think they fit my Kanye West/Lil Wayne theory of white journalists liking hip hop: it’s graded on a certain curve. The dudes in OutKast are, essentially, hipsters (not unlike Common, see below) and journalists fancy them more than, […]

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Best of the decade: 61-70

70.Band: Tara Jane O’NeilAlbum: Peregrine I admit I’m too much of a slave to my own tastes. TJO is an early musical crush of mine and I saw her touring this record in college. The “City in the North”/”City in the South” diad is beautiful and TJO’s voice sounds as delicate and pretty as it […]

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Best of the decade: 71-80

The series continues after the jump. 80.Band: The DonnasAlbum: Spend the Night I make no secret that I believe the Internet to be mankind’s greatest invention. One of its many great contributions to humanity and society at large is that the notion — probably fostered by media in the 1990s — of musical taste being […]

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Best of the decade: 81-90

90. Band: Nelly Album: Country Grammar There’s something invariably important about the music that soundtracks our existence. In writing up this list, I knew I had to put Country Grammar on here somewhere; I’m not even close to OK as to the placement of this record here at 90. It’s not that I love Country […]

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