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I Am Come

Band: Part ChimpAlbum: I Am ComeBest song: The title track is perfect.Worst song: It’s only five songs and all are great. While working earlier this week, I found myself in a Wikipedia loop. You know, one of those things where you look something up on Wikipedia, end up clicking on of the site’s many interesting […]

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Band: UzedaAlbum: StellaBest song: “What I Meant When I Called Your Name” is amazing. “Wail” has an unstoppable riff.Worst song: “Camillo” is just OK. By the time you read this, I will be in Sicily, the province in Italy that is the historical home of my family. My father’s family hails from a town called […]

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A Moment of Stillness

Band: God is an AstronautAlbum: A Moment of StillnessBest song: The title track is perfect.Worst song: It’s only five songs and all are great. I’m not sure where to start or not to start here, other to acknowledge that I’m not much in the way of a writer, so whenever I actually deal with an […]

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Sex Change

Band: Trans AmAlbum: Sex ChangeBest song:  “Tesco v. Sainsbury’s” is amazing and a snapshot of what Trans Am does best.Worst song: “4,738 Regrets” isn’t great. I’m a passionate, passionate man and, recently, two of passions have collided to major press. Roger Ebert is one of my favorite writers in the world and Esquire is the […]

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