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The Dropper

Band: Medeski Martin & Wood Album: The Dropper Best song: The title track. Worst song: I don’t know enough about this record to make this distinction. Today is the second anniversary of the saddest day of my life. It goes without saying that May has now become a dreaded month; Memorial Day is not the […]

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Five Man Acoustical Jam

Band: Tesla Album: Five Man Acoustical Jam Best song: No idea. I guess “We Can Work It Out” isn’t a total disaster, but it’s pretty bad. “Signs” was a hit, for what that’s worth. Worst song: Gah. This album is a mess. Technically, this isn’t an album that I own, but rather an album that […]

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A Tramp Shining

Band: Richard HarrisAlbum: A Tramp ShiningBest song: “MacArthur Park” is both the greatest and worst song.Worst song: See above. As evidenced by the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, actors-turned-singers need to have some grounding in musical theater to successfully make the transition to just singer. Richard Harris’s background in musicals make him someone who could phrase songs […]

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Anywhere I Lay My Head

Band: Scarlett JohanssonAlbum: Anywhere I Lay My HeadBest song: “Town with No Cheer” is admirableWorst song: “Song for Jo” is terrible. Mitch Hedberg was an outstanding comedian, a stoner-generation’s Steven Wright. One of his best jokes was about how he’d been asked to write a screenplay by some Hollywood folks because they’d seen his standup […]

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Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future

Band: The Bird and the Bee Album: Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future Best song: I’m kind of a sucker for tributes to, say, David Lee Roth (“Diamond Dave”). The title (?) track, “Ray Gun” is pretty nice, albeit a cheap Cardigans ripoff in some ways. “Birthday” sounds album like an Asian pop song, […]

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