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There’s Nothing Wrong with Love

Band: Built to Spill Album: There’s Nothing Wrong with Love Best song: “Car” is awesome. “Twin Falls” is great. “Reasons” is really good. “Big Dipper” is amazing. Worst song: “Israel’s Song” isn’t much. I’ve talked about this a million times, but a lot of my life has been a mild exercise in getting away from […]

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Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Band: Bear in Heaven Album: Beast Rest Forth Mouth Best song: “Ultimate Satisfaction” is amazing. Worst song: “Dust Cloud” goes on for way too long. There are some records that are easily defined. Some are pleasant, some are jangly, some are dark, some are hard, whatever. Some records are not as easy to define; the […]

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Lost Channels

Band: Great Lakes Swimmers Album: Lost Channels Best song: “Pulling on a Line” is great. “River’s Edge” is pretty good. “Palmistry” is excellent and “Concrete Heart” doesn’t completely suck. Worst song: The “Stealing Tomorrow” lyrics are cringe-worthy, though it turns out a decent song. The grand tradition of Canadian rock and roll music isn’t any […]

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Band: Shellac Album: Terraform Best song: “House Full of Garbage” is great for its changes and length. “Didn’t We Deserve a Look at You the Way You Really Are” is great. “This is a Picture” and “Copper” are great, great, hard quick rock shots. Worst song: “Rush Job” might be the lowlight, but the record […]

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The Sunset Tree

Band: The Mountain Goats Album: The Sunset Tree Best song: “Lion’s Teeth” is amazing. “You or Your Memory” is really good. Worst song: “Dinu Lapatti’s Bones” isn’t my favorite. I don’t really like “Dilaudid” I so desperately want to enjoy the Mountain Goats. Like Modest Mouse in my earlier years, John Darnielle does something really […]

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Enemy of the State: A Love Story

Band: Lupe Fiasco Album: Enemy of the State: A Love Story Best song: “Angels” has the best hook, but “Yoga Flame,” “The National Anthem” and “Say Something” are all brilliant. Worst song: I’m not completely on board with the “HP Skit.” Not sure I get it. Lupe Fiasco came from Thornton Township High School in […]

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