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Face Value

Band: Phil Collins Album: Face Value Best song: “In the Air Tonight.” Hands down. Worst song: The version of “Behind the Lines” is kind of bad. I tell this story a lot, but when I asked my older sister what it felt like to be 30 (on her birthday), she answered with a very simple […]

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Band: Ke$ha Album: Animal Best song: “Tik Tok” is a fun song, albeit a stupid one. Worst song: The whole album is pretty worthless. Shameful confession: I like “Tik Tok.” I realize that admitting that is somewhere between “really dumb” and “genocide” in the public consciousness. Because, really, Ke$ha is a ridiculous human being and […]

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Runaround Sue

Band: Dion Album: Runaround Sue Best song: “The Wanderer.” It is awesome. “Kansas City” is always done well, and Dion’s got a nice voice to do it. Worst song: The version of “Little Star” is kind of awful. I’ve written about his before (recently), but I’ll try to take a different approach this time. Like […]

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Band: Pharoahe Monch Album: Desire Best song: “Free” is the clear highlights, though “Let’s Go” is also great. Worst song: “Bar Tap” isn’t much. The world needs polemicists. This was a recent issue with me in the case of Julian Assange. Assange is, without doubt, a terrifyingly troubling human being. At best, he’s a really […]

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