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Band: Jim O’Rourke Album: Insignificance Best song: “Memory Lame” and “Therefore, I Am” are awesome. “All Downhill From Here” is very good. Worst song: The final track, “Life Goes Off” is not great. I didn’t drink in college, so I had a slightly different college experience than a lot of people. Which is to say […]

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The Virgin Suicides

Band: Air Album: The Virgin Suicides Best song: “Playground Love” is the only song with actual singing, done by the dude from Phoenix, but “The Word ‘Hurricane’” is a pretty great song. Worst song: Being that it’s mostly a score, it’s hard to discount any single part of the album. With a little peak inside […]

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Band: Wilco Album: Summerteeth Best song: There are no bad songs, but I’d suggest that there are a few not-great songs. My favorite is probably “Via Chicago,” but that changes with the day. Worst song: “Summer Teeth” isn’t great. This is, most-assuredly, a first-world post. I can understand if anyone who was not raised within […]

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