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Pink Friday

Band: Nicki Minaj Album: Pink Friday Best song: “Moment for Life” and, more so, “Blazin’” are excellent. Worst song: “I’m the Best” isn’t the best. Let’s get this out of the way. Pink Friday isn’t much of a record. It has its ups and downs, certainly. But, for whatever reason, Nicki Minaj’s first proper release […]

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Here I Am

Band: Kelly Rowland Album: Here I Am Best song: “Motivation” is great, even with a terrible guest spot. Worst song: “Keep it Between Us” isn’t much. I wonder if Kelly Rowland, barely a week younger than I am, ever gets really jealous of Beyonce? I have no idea if they’re friends or not, but I […]

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Band: Carmen Consoli Album: Elettra Best song: “Sud est” is my favorite, though “‘A finestra” features some pretty great Sicilian lyrics. Worst song: “Ventunodieciduemilatrenta,” the album ender, is the weakest song on a very strong record. Part of the issue with listening to music in a language/culture I don’t understand very well is that I […]

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Horse Stories

Band: Dirty Three Album: Horse Stories Best song: “Hope” is one of my favorite songs in history. Worst song: “Red” is not a highlight. I’m not sure I’ve outlined my feelings on lyrics in this space, but I did do a little bit of it on my old site. In a review of one of […]

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