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Band: Adele Album: 21 Best song: Half the album is great. “He Won’t Go” is my current favorite, but my favorites change daily. Worst song: The other half is just OK. So much of this space is devoted to the conflict I have in aging, my self image and my cultural tastes, so it will come as […]

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Band: Rachel’s Album: Systems/Layers Best song: “NY Snow Globe” is wonderful. Worst song: “Packet Switching” falls short. Because this site doesn’t get a wide amount of traffic — and I’m thankful for this, by the way — I imagine I should try and reconcile my issues with Twitter, the outside world and the notion of […]

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The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Band: Genesis Album: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Best song: The title track is amazing Worst song: Much of the second disc is mediocre to just OK. In college, I went through a progressive rock period. It was largely due to my love of post-rock and the influences progressive rock and jazz had on […]

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