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The Complete Guide To Insufficiency

Band: David Thomas Broughton Album: The Complete Guide To Insufficiency Best song: “Ever Rotating Sky” is a wonderful song. Worst song: “Unmarked Grave” is not as good as the other songs. In the sea of singer/songwriter music, it’s hard to make a serious impression. Because of the nature of the arrangements, singer/songwriters are seldom harsh. […]

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Cherry Pie

Band: Warrant Album: Cherry Pie Best song: The title track, however derivative and silly, is fun as hell. Worst song: Oh, whatever. One of the wonderful things about music and our relationship to it is the function of it bringing back memories, snapshots in time. I, of course, write a lot about this and especially […]

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Snakes for the Divine

Band: High on Fire Album: Snakes for the Divine Best song: The title track, “Bastard Samurai” and “Holy Flames of the Firespitter.” Worst song: “Ghost Neck” is not wonderful, but is still a nice record. I like metal a fair amount, largely thanks to a friend I met out here who reignited my love for […]

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Band: Childish Gambino Album: EP Best song: “Be Alone” is great. Worst song: “Freaks and Geeks” blows. I often use any of these records as a entrance into writing/thinking about something other than the music therein. I imagine I could write about the brilliance of the show Community here, but I don’t know that I […]

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