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Band: Squirrel Nut Zippers Album: Hot Best song: “Hell.” Obviously. Worst song: “Blue Angel” isn’t very good. It’s an old parlor game, the “if” questions. Indeed, I have three books from a series that ask a series of those questions. A popular one, of course, is something like “If you could be born during any […]

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But Seriously, Folks…

Band: Joe Walsh Album: But Seriously, Folks… Best song: “Life’s Been Good” may be Walsh’s best song. Worst song: “Indian Summer” is stupid. I’ve been on the record as hating the Eagles, but I will say that I do enjoy Joe Walsh’s non-Eagles work. For one, the James Gang is responsible for “Funk 49,” a […]

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Band: Cher Album: Believe Best song: “Believe” is the best song, of course. Worst song: The rest of the album is garbage. One of the great pleasures of Spotify is that I can assemble playlists that include a bunch of single songs I don’t own. I’ve got a covers playlist, but more importantly, I’ve got […]

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