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Ace of Spades

Band: Motörhead Album: Ace of Spades Best song: Either the title track or “(We Are) The Road Crew” Worst song: “Jailbait” is dumb and very creepy. Despite my job responsibilities, I’m really bad at Twitter. I mostly just tweet out stuff about wildlife conservation or random thoughts — of import to no one other than […]

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Moon Colony Bloodbath

Band: The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice Album: Moon Colony Bloodbath Best song: “Scorpio Rising” Worst song: “Emerging” has a lot of things I hate about the Mountain Goats. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of concept albums; I love the format of using music as a storytelling device or to explore a […]

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Former Lives

Band: Benjamin Gibbard Album: Former Lives Best song: “Bigger Than Love” is very good. Worst song: “Oh Woe” misses the mark quite a bit. I used to have a theory that creativity was like a pool of liquid. It was something I came up with when I was in high school, largely based on late-career […]

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Sorrow and Extinction

Band: Pallbearer Album: Sorrow and Extinction Best song: “Foreigner” is magnificent. Worst song: Oh, man. Every song on this album is great. Most metal is more of an aesthetic pleasure than it is an intellectual one, largely because the more satisfying metal bands are ones that trod the same lyrical themes over and over. The […]

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¡All-Time Quarterback!

Band: ¡All-Time Quarterback! Album: ¡All-Time Quarterback! Best song: “Send Packing” is brilliant. Worst song: “Untitled” is the weakest song on a strong set. Patton Oswalt does a lovely bit on the Phantom Menace and the notion that seeing Anakin as a little kid is similar to seeing into Jon Voigt’s balls in 1974 because you […]

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An Ache for the Distance

Band: The Atlas Moth Album: An Ache for the Distance Best song: “Perpetual Generations” is a great, great song. Worst song: “Horse Thieves” is the weakest song on a very strong record. Technology’s affect on music fandom is something about which I’ve written a bit, mostly from the industry side. But, nevertheless, the march of […]

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The Rising Tide

Band: Sunny Day Real Estate Album: The Rising Tide Best song: “The Ocean” and “Fool in the Photograph” are the best songs. Worst song: “Tearing in My Heart” isn’t much. As a nonreligious person, an absurdist (in the philosophical sense) and a bit of a contrarian, I welcome things that challenge the status quo. However, […]

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Indoor Living

Band: Superchunk Album: Indoor Living Best song: “Watery Hands” is a great song and the impetus for the piece. Worst song: “European Medicine” isn’t great. I’ve been feeling particularly nostalgic lately. I’ve also been very busy with work, so I’ve not had the time to write as much as I’d like in this space. Because […]

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