In order to further pollute the Internet with my nonsense, I’m taking up residence here. My name is Ross Jordan Gianfortune and I like to write album reviews that no one reads. So far, my tally on the Web is somewhere around 500 and I hope to add to that total with this site/blog/project/whatever.

Albums That I Own is an extension of the One Man, 500 Albums project in a way. In fact, it’s an extension of my “unlisted” series that took place on that site. The unlisted albums are favorites of mine that have no real place on the Rolling Stone list or were overlooked by those who put together the list.

Past unlisted albums (which may be cross-posted here on this site) include:

Albums That I Own will let me stretch outside the RS list a bit. The unlisted albums gave me that avenue and I’d like to expand on it. These albums may not appeal to many of the One Man, 500 Albums readers and for that, I’m sorry.

But, I do want to bring out some of my favorite, odd and misplaced (within my collection, I mean) albums. This site gives me the opportunity to explain my interest, for example, in a Dixie Chicks record. No, I’m not joking.

I’m current a graduate student, I work full-time and I run a baseball blog (albeit posting infrequently), so Albums That I Own will be posted once a week. Any suggestions for albums should be addressed to me. My e-mail address is over there, to the right.

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