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More Adventurous

Band: Rilo KileyAlbum: More AdventurousBest song: “Portions for Foxes” is wonderful. “It’s a Hit” is nice, but strained.Worst song: “Ripchord.” Not great. I sorta (though not harshly enough) lambasted my favorite entertainment Web site for including Rilo Kiley’s Under the Blacklight on its best of 2007 piece. Under the Blacklight didn’t connect with me on […]

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Band: Sufjan StevensAlbum: IllinoisBest song: “Casimir Pulaski Day” or “Chicago.Worst song: “The Seer’s Tower” is just OK. “Eeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy.”– Arthur Fonzarelli The nature of modern “cool” is such that not caring is as important as anything. Within alternative music, this movement gained traction sometime in the 1980s, when punk rock stopped being important and “indie” rock […]

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