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Carrie & Lowell

Band: Sufjan Stevens Album: Carrie & Lowell Best song: “Fourth of July” Worst song: “Drawn to the Blood” is not as strong as the rest of the record. There’s a conversation to be had about Sufjan Stevens, his religiosity, his skillset, his campiness and his general whiteness (I believe Pitchfork touched on the whiteness of the indie […]

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The Age of Adz

Band: Sufjan Stevens Album: The Age of Adz Best song: “Too Much” is great. “I Walked” is the proverbial jam. Worst song: Well, whatever. It’s a good record. I’m conflicted. See below. I’m not sure how I got involved with scrobbling my music to, but I’ve been a member of the site for quite […]

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Band: Sufjan StevensAlbum: IllinoisBest song: “Casimir Pulaski Day” or “Chicago.Worst song: “The Seer’s Tower” is just OK. “Eeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy.”– Arthur Fonzarelli The nature of modern “cool” is such that not caring is as important as anything. Within alternative music, this movement gained traction sometime in the 1980s, when punk rock stopped being important and “indie” rock […]

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