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Frame & Canvas

Band: BraidAlbum: Frame & CanvasBest song: “A Dozen Roses” is among the band’s best work.Worst song: “I Keep a Diary” isn’t great and is sort of a cliche. To quote the best show on TV, post-hardcore/second-wave emo is in the past, like Frankenstein and broadcast television. The hiperati of today likely look fondly at the […]

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Blood Mountain

Band: MastodonAlbum: Blood MountainBest song: “The Wolf is Loose” is pretty great. “Siberian Divide” is strong, also. But, “Colony of Birchmen” is the best song on the album and one of the band’s best tracks (in a catalog full of great tracks, by the way).Worst song: There isn’t really a bad song on the album, […]

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Band: YesAlbum: FragileBest song: “Roundabout” is a fantastic record.Worst song: “We Have Heaven” isn’t great. One of the rituals did for DJs at KCOU during training was the music staff training meeting. As the PD, I ran this meeting, which was intended to explain KCOU’s format to DJs. Part of the ritual was to have […]

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The Colour and the Shape

Band: The Foo FightersAlbum: The Colour and the ShapeBest song: The best three songs on this album — or any Foo Fighters album, for that matter — are “Everlong,” “Everlong” and “Everlong.”Worst song: “Doll” is a stupid opener. “New Way Home” is dumb. “Up in Arms” isn’t great. In my “Done” piece over at the […]

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You Are Free

Band: Cat PowerAlbum: You Are FreeBest song: “He War” and “Maybe Not” are great. “Names” and “Speak for Me” are fantastic, as well. Worst song: Not. A. One. Full disclosure: I’d listen to Chan Marshall read the phone book. I find her voice to be among the best female voices in music, if not the […]

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