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Crack the Skye

Band: MastodonAlbum: Crack the SkyeBest song: “Divinations” is among the band’s best and tightest songs, up there with “Iron Tusk,” “Blood and Thunder,” “Crusher Destroyer,” “Colony of Birchmen,” “Shadows That Move,” “Mother Puncher” and “March of the Fire Ants.” Of course, the longest two songs on the records are also brilliant and complex.Worst song: All […]

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Blood Mountain

Band: MastodonAlbum: Blood MountainBest song: “The Wolf is Loose” is pretty great. “Siberian Divide” is strong, also. But, “Colony of Birchmen” is the best song on the album and one of the band’s best tracks (in a catalog full of great tracks, by the way).Worst song: There isn’t really a bad song on the album, […]

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