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The Lioness

Band: Songs:Ohia Album: The Lioness Best song: “The Tigress,” “The Black Crow” and the title track are all perfect. Worst song: “Back on Top” isn’t great. (This is long and self-indulgent. So, if you don’t want to read it, click this and it’ll get you to the home page.) We’re approaching the new year, so, […]

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The Dust of Retreat

Band: Margot & the Nuclear So and So’sAlbum: The Dust of RetreatBest song: “Talking in Code” and “Skeleton Key” are fantastic. “Quiet as a Mouse” is wonderful. “Dress Me Like a Clown” is nice.Worst song: “Paper Kitten Nightmare” is stupid. I used to have XM Radio, largely because terrestrial radio sucks — especially in DC […]

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Band: Nada SurfAlbum: LuckyBest song: “See These Bones” and “Weightless” are excellent. “I Like What You Say” is pretty good.Worst song: It’s all pleasant. Nada Surf’s transformation from novelty rock act (They were the band that did “Popular,” after all) to moderately successful indie rock band is kind of interesting. For one, it is the […]

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Oh, Inverted World

Band: The ShinsAlbum: Oh, Inverted WorldBest song: “Caring is Creepy” is amazing, as is “Girl on the Wing” and the “Celibate Life.”Worst song: “The Past and Pending” is nice, but not great. In the interest of full disclosure, I did not enjoy this album when it was first released. Well. That’s a lie. I thought […]

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Every Day and Every Night

Band: Bright EyesAlbum: Every Day and Every NightBest song: “A Perfect Sonnet.” No question.Worst song: “Neely O’Hara” is probably a little long. As with many bands popular at my college radio station when I was there, Bright Eyes is one I initially dismissed. He played in Columbia my freshmen year for our annual birthday party […]

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