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Didn’t It Rain

Band: Songs:OhiaAlbum: Didn’t It RainBest song: “Blue Factory Flame”Worst song: “Cross the Road, Molina” I am hardly the first – and I will not be the last – to note that the last year of the pandemic has felt like a wheel spinning in place. Time has both flattened out and felt extended. For kids […]

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Magnolia Electric Co.

Band: Magnolia Electric Co. Album: Magnolia Electric Co. Best song: “Farewell Transmission” might be Jason Molina’s best song. Worst song: “The Old Black Hen” is the weakest track on a very strong album. In my top 100 albums of the 2000s list, I placed Magnolia Electric Company woefully low at number 87. Part of that is because […]

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The Lioness

Band: Songs:Ohia Album: The Lioness Best song: “The Tigress,” “The Black Crow” and the title track are all perfect. Worst song: “Back on Top” isn’t great. (This is long and self-indulgent. So, if you don’t want to read it, click this and it’ll get you to the home page.) We’re approaching the new year, so, […]

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