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Woman King

Band: Iron & WineAlbum: Woman KingBest song: The title track is gorgeous.Worst song: It’s only, like, six songs. I wrote a little bit on this before, but my first impressions of certain albums and/or bands are often really wrong. In the case of Iron & Wine, I thought Sam Beam’s first album — 2002’s The […]

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The Stand Ins

Band: Okkervil RiverAlbum: The Stand InsBest song: “Lost Coastlines” is one of the best songs of recent vintage.Worst song: “Blue Tulip” isn’t great. God, I love language. I love the intricacies in the way we use language. I love the way we describe certain things. I got into this fray on my old RS project […]

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Marry Me

Band: St. VincentAlbum: Marry MeBest song: “Now Now” is the best song of 2007.Worst song: The album trails off at the end, actually. Here’s an idea I’ve recently had, being that I have some friends getting married/just married in recent weeks. Though I am currently single, let’s assume I’m dating a woman from Irkutsk, Siberia […]

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You Forgot it in People

(Original cover) (Reissue cover)Band: Broken Social SceneAlbum: You Forgot it in PeopleBest song: “Stars and Sons” is great. “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl” is popular.Worst song: Not really. The album is all pretty great. I’ve spent the better part of two weeks exploring the range of Judd Apatow’s film and TV work, spurred by […]

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No One’s First and You’re Next

Band: Modest MouseAlbum: No One’s First and You’re NextBest song: “Autumn Beds” is great. “Perpetual Motion Machine” and “Satellite Skin” are probably the best songs on the EP.Worst song: “History Sticks To Your Feet” isn’t great. I should like Modest Mouse a lot more than I do. The band used to do a certain type […]

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Deltron 3030

Band: Deltron 3030Album: Deltron 3030Best song: “Virus” is great. The Sean Lennon-assisted “Memory Loss” is exquisite. The title track is great.Worst song: “Time Keeps On Slipping” isn’t strong. Despite their being mostly just pains in the ass, I consider myself a fan of the concept album, up to and including rock operas. I love an […]

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Shake the Sheets

Band: Ted Leo and the PharmacistsAlbum: Shake the SheetsBest song: “Me and Mia” and “Little Dawn” are the two best songs on the album.Worst song: “Criminal Piece” isn’t perfect, but still pretty good. Punk rock isn’t a genre I adore. There’s a certain immaturity inherent in even the most mature Green Day record that turns […]

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