Marry Me

Band: St. Vincent
Album: Marry Me
Best song: “Now Now” is the best song of 2007.
Worst song: The album trails off at the end, actually.

Here’s an idea I’ve recently had, being that I have some friends getting married/just married in recent weeks. Though I am currently single, let’s assume I’m dating a woman from Irkutsk, Siberia who now lives in the DC area. Let’s say we met in college. And we got engaged.

So, let’s say I proposed. Here are the five normal options, wedding-wise:

  1. Have the ceremony thing where the couple currently resides. No decision, really. Either neither family is pissed off or both families are pissed off.
  2. A destination wedding. I have a family friend who got married at Disneyworld. Seriously. This happens a lot. My sister, I believe, thought about doing it.
  3. Have the ceremony thing where the bride and groom met. With all due respect to Columbia, I don’t know that I’d want to be married there.
  4. Have the ceremony thing where the bride or the groom were raised. I’m not really interested in going to Siberia. Chicago is sort of an option.
  5. No ceremony. This is my preferred option, though with the knowledge that I will probably never get married.

So, all of those make some sense, but here’s my idea. Why not pick a random city on the map? Like, if my bride and I decided we were going to get married in Islamabad, why not? Or Davenport, Iowa?

This is related to the old idea of a woman changing her name when she gets married. I have a real problem with that — your name is your identity and she shouldn’t subliminate herself, etc. — but I do understand the need to create unity should the couple want to create a family. This resides in the theory of combining names (Johnson and Ferrarri becomes “Johnnarri” or something) or hyphenating them.

So, my theory would be to just pick a name totally outside the couple’s nationality or ethnic heritage. So, for myself and my Siberian bride, we could be the, like, Perezes. Why not?

Anyway, about the album. Marry Me is a great record, if only for the labum opener, “Now Now,” probably the best song of 2007. It is here:

Also, the album is named after Maeby saying “Marry me!” on Arrested Development, arguably the best TV show of all time.

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