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Romanian Names

Band: John Vanderslice Album: Romanian Names Best song: “C&O Canal” is lovely. Worst song: The title track is mediocre. John Vanderslice has been around for a while and has never touched anything but the outlying islands of popular culture. His first few records had some niche interest — “Bill Gates Must Die” was a fun […]

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Happy Songs for Happy People

Band: Mogwai Album: Happy Songs for Happy People Best song: “Hunted by a Freak” is one of the most perfect songs ever put to record. Worst song: “Golden Porsche” isn’t much. My actual real world job title is Online Content Producer. I won’t get into my job duties here, but needless to say, I’m widespread […]

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Band: Metallica Album: ReLoad Best song: Bah. Pretty crappy, all told. “The Memory Remains” isn’t total shit, nor is “Fuel.” Worst song: Oh, whatever. I like concert films a fair amount, as it gives me the joy of seeing a band live without the hustle, bustle and annoyance of actually having to deal with other […]

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Band: Freelance Whales Album: Weathervanes Best song: “Starring” is really nice, “Hannah” is fucking brilliant. “Kilojoules” is good. “Location” isn’t bad. Worst song: “We Could Be Friends” is mediocre. Effort is really nice in a band, but “trying too hard” is definitely something no one wants to cop. A lot of modern “indie” bands do […]

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Codes and Secret Longing

Band: Raised by Swans Album: Codes and Secret Longing Best song: “Sandcastles” is the best. Worst song: “I’m Still Inside You” is mediocre. The connection of the movie Chloe to this record is two-part. First, Canadian filmaker Atom Egoyan is something of a fan of Raised by Swans, so he’s inserted them into the film, […]

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