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…And Justice For All

Band/Artist: Metallica Album: …And Justice For All Best song: “One” or “Blackened” Worst song: This is pretty much great all the way through. Fairly recently, actor and Simpsons voice genius Hank Azaria started a conversation on Twitter (this is how we all communicate now, by the way: Someone just throws some meat into the Twitter […]

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Band: Metallica Album: ReLoad Best song: Bah. Pretty crappy, all told. “The Memory Remains” isn’t total shit, nor is “Fuel.” Worst song: Oh, whatever. I like concert films a fair amount, as it gives me the joy of seeing a band live without the hustle, bustle and annoyance of actually having to deal with other […]

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Death Magnetic

Band: MetallicaAlbum: Death MagneticBest song: Bah.Worst song: Bah. What is creativity? On some level, we all think we’re creative. No one wants to be the boring banker in those Washington Mutual ads; the old white guy in the bland suit. We all think we’re the most interesting people in the world. We all think we […]

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