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Wonder Wonder

Band: Edith Frost Album: Wonder Wonder Best song: The title track is brilliantly melancholy and “Cars and Parties” is fun as well. “The Fear” is a cool little song, as well. Worst song: “Merry Go Round” isn’t brilliant. I will never really understand how female singer-songwriters become hits or not. I imagine some of it […]

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Band: Nina Nastasia Album: Dogs Best song: “A Dog’s Life” is great. “Stormy Weather” is probably the best song on the record. Worst song: “Smiley” isn’t great. George Carlin once said — I’m sure I’m misquoting, as I can’t find it via Google — that dogs only know two different times: Now and forever. I […]

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Band: Van Halen Album: 1984 Best song: The singles are great, though “Hot for Teacher” might be the best. Worst song: “Girl Gone Bad” isn’t much. I’ve a rudimentary knowledge of statistics and most of that is founded on baseball and or the various semesters I’ve spent in college flailing about a calculator. Which is […]

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Ted Nugent

Band: Ted Nugent Album: Ted Nugent Best song: “Stranglehold” is awesome, “Stormtroopin’” is really great. “Queen of the Forest” doesn’t suck. Worst song: “Where Have You Been All My Life” isn’t much. Like many men of my political persuasion and age, I have an uncomfortable relationship with my masculinity. I like hard rock and sports, […]

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Look Sharp!

Band: Roxette Album: Look Sharp! Best song: “The Look” is a really good song. Worst song: “View from a Hill” sucks. I was just joking around when I asked my sister “how does it feel to be 30?” on her birthday a few years back. She, not surprisingly, said the obvious: “It feels exactly the […]

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