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Band: Shrimp Boat Album: Cavale Best song: "What Do You Think of Love, "Creme Brulee" and "Pumpkin Lover" are awesome. Worst song: “Free Love Overdrive” isn’t much. In introducing someone to my apartment recently, I tried to explain my general level of organization in my personal life. It’s not really easy to describe, as it […]

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In Rainbows

Band: Radiohead Album: In Rainbows Best song: “15 Step,” “videotape,” “Bodysnatchers,” whatever. Pick it. “All I Need” is great. “Reckoner” is sublime. Worst song: “Faust Arp” is the worst song on the record and it’s also the shortest. I’ve sorta already went over this particular piece of ground, but it’s worth revisiting: In Rainbows may […]

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Speak Now

Band: Taylor Swift Album: Speak Now Best song: Every song sounds the same. It’s so very bland. Worst song: See above. The simplest of understandings of democracy and capitalism is, essentially, based on the wisdom of the crowd. This notion is not a terribly awful one; the “hive mind” of Wikipedia is largely based on […]

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Zeroes QC

Band: Suuns Album: Zeroes QC Best song: “Armed for Peace” is great. “PVC” is fun. “Arena” is shockingly good. Worst song: “Pie IX” isn’t much. Any year-end list of best 2010 albums is going to be a little incomplete. Forgetting the notion of “when does a decade start and end,” last year’s giant list provided […]

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