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The King of Limbs

Band: Radiohead Album: The King of Limbs Best song: “Lotus Flower” is amazing. Worst song: “Codex” isn’t much. This is not about an album, though, you should listen to King of Limbs, especially “Lotus Flower.” I don’t do reviews for Memorial Day, instead, I do a rehash of this, the eulogy I never said. The one […]

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In Rainbows

Band: Radiohead Album: In Rainbows Best song: “15 Step,” “videotape,” “Bodysnatchers,” whatever. Pick it. “All I Need” is great. “Reckoner” is sublime. Worst song: “Faust Arp” is the worst song on the record and it’s also the shortest. I’ve sorta already went over this particular piece of ground, but it’s worth revisiting: In Rainbows may […]

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