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Knee Deep in the Hoopla

Band: Jefferson Starship Album: Knee Deep in the Hoopla Best song: It’s really terrible. Worst song: The whole album is pretty bad. I grew up in Cook County, Illinois. As in, the Chicago suburbs. SO, our county didn’t have a fair in the same way that so many rural and suburban counties do. No huge […]

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Band: R.E.M. Album: Reckoning Best song: “So. Central Rain” is near-perfect and one of my favorite songs. “7 Chinese Bros.” is great. Worst song: “Little America” isn’t great.” Like a lot people my age, Jim Henson’s creations were a huge part of my youth. Having been partially raised by TV, I watched the tapes of […]

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Band: Various Artists Album: Flashdance Best song: Oh, whatever. Worst song: What a dated record. There’s something about memory that’s lovely and nostalgic and a little disjointed. A lot of this project involves my reconstructing memories that don’t quite fit and picking out the things that have stuck out in my early years, on some […]

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Peter Gabriel (Security)

Band: Peter Gabriel Album: Peter Gabriel (Security) Best song: “Shock the Monkey” is amazing. Worst song: The whole album is worthwhile. As you can imagine, I don’t remember anything from 1982. It was my first full year on Earth, but, admittedly, I was busy pooping myself and drooling to really understand the context of my […]

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