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What Is This That Stands Before Me?

Band/Artist: Various Artists Album: What Is This That Stands Before Me? Best song: “Changes” Worst song:“Symptom of the Universe.” I’ve yet to write about Zola Jesus on this site and it’s certainly pretty weird my first writing about her work comes within the context of her single song on a compilation of Black Sabbath covers. […]

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Band: Various Album: Singles Best song: “Birth Ritual” and “Would?” are classics. Worst song: “Waiting For Somebody” is so so dumb. Part of being old is the mistaken belief that the thing from one’s youth are the best things to have ever existed. I’ve written about it a million times, but — if I can pat myself […]

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The Music of Nashville: Season 1 Volume 1

Band: Various Album: The Music of Nashville: Season 1 Volume 1 Best song:  The radio mix of “Telescope” is the most catchy of the songs. “Buried Under” or “Wrong Song” are probably the strongest overall. Worst song: “When the Right One Comes Along” isn’t great. I won’t go over my love of the television showBreaking […]

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Band: Various Artists Album: Flashdance Best song: Oh, whatever. Worst song: What a dated record. There’s something about memory that’s lovely and nostalgic and a little disjointed. A lot of this project involves my reconstructing memories that don’t quite fit and picking out the things that have stuck out in my early years, on some […]

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Nativity in Black

Band: Various Artists Album: Nativity in Black Best song: As a cover record, most of the songs are pretty solid. They are, after all, Sabbath songs. I’d say the highlights are 1000 Homo DJs’ version of “Supernaut,” Megadeth’s spot-on “Paranoid,” the Bullring Brummies’ “The Wizard” and, mostly, Corrosion of Conformity’s “Lord of this World.” Cathedral’s […]

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