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An Argument with Myself

Band: Jens Lekman Album: An Argument with Myself Best song: “Waiting for Kirsten” and the title track are lovely. Worst song: “So This Guy At My Office” struggles a bit. I’ve got a thing for Jens Lekman’s last proper album. It’s the basis for one of the more long-winded pieces of crap writing I’ve ever […]

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Helplessness Blues

Band: Fleet Foxes Album: Helplessness Blues Best song: “Montezuma.” Worst song: “Lorelai” isn’t much. Next week, Geffen Records is releasing a 20-year-anniversary edition of Nevermind. I’m 30 years old, so the album’s original release wasn’t the seminal moment it was for those a few years my senior, but the album itself is seminal. Nirvana introduced […]

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Band: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan Album: Hawk Best song: “You Won’t Let Me Down Again” is the best song on the record. Worst song: I’m not in love with “No Place to Fall,” as Willy Mason doesn’t do it for me. Let me preface this by saying that this entire piece is mostly my […]

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L’amore Non è Bello

Band: Dente Album: L’amore Non è Bello Best song: “A me piace lei” is the album’s grand optimistic — though, mostly aspirational — point and is a great song, but “Buon appetito” has the best arrangement, lyrics and vocal work. Worst song: Probably “Quel mazzolino.” I’ve long said that the best love songs are the […]

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Band: Sun Kil Moon Album: April Best song: “Lost Verses.” All 9:43 of it. Worst song: “Heron Blue” is good, but the weakest song on an excellent set. In baseball (here I go again about baseball), there is a phenomenon of the age-27 season (though, many would suggest otherwise). It was thought that baseball players […]

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The Lost Tracks of Danzig

Band: Danzig Album: The Lost Tracks of Danzig Best song: The cover of “Cat People” says a lot about Glenn, doesn’t it? Worst song: Well, “White Devil Rise,” while not racist, is kind of strange. I don’t think Rick Rubin and Glenn Danzig taking on Louis Farrakhan (by explaining the inherent malevolence of a race war) is […]

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Show Your Bones

Band: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album: Show Your Bones Best song: “Phenomena.” Worst song: “Honey Bear.” I’ve told this story before, most assuredly, in this or another space, but it’s always worth repeating. During the fall of my freshman year of college (1999, for those following), Eric Bachmann, Superchunk and Guided by Voices played a show […]

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