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Helplessness Blues

Band: Fleet Foxes Album: Helplessness Blues Best song: “Montezuma.” Worst song: “Lorelai” isn’t much. Next week, Geffen Records is releasing a 20-year-anniversary edition of Nevermind. I’m 30 years old, so the album’s original release wasn’t the seminal moment it was for those a few years my senior, but the album itself is seminal. Nirvana introduced […]

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Fleet Foxes

Band: Fleet FoxesAlbum: Fleet FoxesBest song: “Ragged Wood” is fun. “Sun it Rises” is a great opener.Worst song: “Meadowlarks” isn’t particularly good. Requested by a friend, my opinions on this record are far too late. Fleet Foxes was the most critically acclaimed album (non-Tha Carter III division, of course) of 2008. Pitchfork named it the […]

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