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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Band: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Album: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Best song: Well, it’s a score album, but the covers of “Immigrant Song” and “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” are actual songs, for what that’s worth. Worst song: It’s a film score, so it’s hard to pick a bad song. Each composition […]

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Bon Iver

Band: Bon Iver Album: Bon Iver Best song: “Holocene” is the best song on the record, though album opener “Perth” is great. Worst song: “Wash” is the weakest on a very strong record. We’re coming up on the time of the year wherein everyone releases their “best of the year” lists. These lists, of course, […]

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Let England Shake

Band: PJ Harvey Album: Let England Shake Best song: “This Glorious Land” is amazing and kind of scary. Worst song: “Hanging in the Wire,” while still pretty good, is the weakest of the record. A note: In a fit of real goal making, I had intended to write about Let England Shake soon after writing […]

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Tramps, Traitors and Little Devils

Band: A Drag City Supersession Album: Tramps, Traitors and Little Devils Best song: “Leaving the Army” is my favorite song on the record. Worst song: “Everyday” is my least favorite song on the record. You know, in writing about supergroups in my bit about the Amalgamated Sons of Rest record, I never really stopped to […]

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