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Bon Iver

Band: Bon Iver Album: Bon Iver Best song: “Holocene” is the best song on the record, though album opener “Perth” is great. Worst song: “Wash” is the weakest on a very strong record. We’re coming up on the time of the year wherein everyone releases their “best of the year” lists. These lists, of course, […]

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For Emma, Forever Ago

Band: Bon IverAlbum: For Emma, Forever AgoBest song: “Skinny Love,” “For Emma” and “Re: Stacks” are the album highlights.Worst song: “The Wolves (Act I and II)” is ambitious, but, ultimately falls short. For Emma, Forever Ago was recorded and self-released in 2007 originally, but it saw (sorta) wide release in 2008, so, let’s include it […]

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