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Forbidden Love

Band: Death Cab for Cutie Album: The Forbidden Love EP Best song: “Photobooth” is far too twee. But, really good. I’m of two minds. Worst song: See above. I can’t fucking stand Zooey Deschanel. This isn’t a new thing, nor am I the only one. She has got an attractiveness about her that is hard […]

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The King of Limbs

Band: Radiohead Album: The King of Limbs Best song: “Lotus Flower” is amazing. Worst song: “Codex” isn’t much. This is not about an album, though, you should listen to King of Limbs, especially “Lotus Flower.” I don’t do reviews for Memorial Day, instead, I do a rehash of this, the eulogy I never said. The one […]

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Band: Blur Album: 13 Best song: “Coffee & TV” is a great song. Worst song: “Mellow Song” isn’t much. It’s odd to think of the weird trajectory that music videos have had in the culture. With the Beatles’ feature films Help and Hard Day’s Night, the band set the stage for similar stuff they’d later […]

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The Time of Our Lives

Band: Miley Cyrus Album: The Time of Our Lives Best song: “Party in the U.S.A.,” of course. Worst song: Oh, whatever. In a radio interview I can’t find now, Ricky Gervais was talking about different types of art and called a song (any song) “The greatest piece of art someone can create.” Since the album’s resurgence […]

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