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Fear Fun

Band: Father John Misty Album: Fear Fun Best song: “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” is the best song on the album. Worst song: “Only Son of the Ladiesman” is kind of hokey. I was kind of a lame-comer to the Fleet Foxes. Like so many experiences, the second Fleet Foxes record really hit me at a […]

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South of Salem

Band: Witch Mountain Album: South of Salem Best song: “End Game” is amazing. What a song. Worst song: “Hare’s State,” while a pretty good song, is far too long. The more I get back into the music thing, the more I find myself exploring the ins and outs of genre stuff. Often in harder music, […]

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Opus Eponymous

Band: Ghost Album: Opus Eponymous Best song: “Ritual” is the best song, hands down. Worst song: “Stand by Him” isn’t amazing. I’ve mentioned recently that I’d seen Mastodon and Opeth on the Heritage Hunter tour here in the DC area. Mastodon was pretty good, Opeth was similarly good, but the highlight of the show was […]

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Band: Tortoise Album: TNT Best song: Few things beat the album’s title track. “The Suspension Bridge at IguazĂș Falls” is magnificient Worst song: “Everglade” is the weakest song on a very strong album. I’ve written before about the nature of love and the import of personal growth within relationships. Indeed, one of the largest fallacies […]

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