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The Catastrophist

Band/Artist: Tortoise Album: The Catastrophist Best song: Probably “Ox Duke” Worst song: Nah. As I mentioned in writing about Chris Isaak, I’ve gotten off this blog’s schedule for years now and I’m trying to get back into it. This is easier said than done because I have less optimism about my own skill set and […]

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Band: Tortoise Album: TNT Best song: Few things beat the album’s title track. “The Suspension Bridge at IguazĂș Falls” is magnificient Worst song: “Everglade” is the weakest song on a very strong album. I’ve written before about the nature of love and the import of personal growth within relationships. Indeed, one of the largest fallacies […]

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Band: Tortoise Album: Gamera EP Best song: The title track is unstoppable Worst song: “Cliff Dweller Society” is not as good as the title track. Still great. It’s hard not to think about one’s origins when thinking about music and its place in our lives. My music fandom and the places to which I go […]

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Millions Now Living Will Never Die

Band: Tortoise Album: Millions Now Living Will Never Die Best song: “Glass Museum” is a classic, “Djed” is a cool sound experiment and “The Taut and the Tame” is amazing. Really, no song is bad on this album. Worst song: All great. I have a Tony Kornheiser story — ask me about it if/when you […]

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Band: TortoiseAlbum: TortoiseBest song: “Tin Cans & Twine.” Worst song: Nope. Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Tortoise has been my favorite band since, basically, I first started listening to them at age 15. I’ve claimed other bands as co-favorites (currently, Mogwai and Pink Floyd), but one has endured. When a friend […]

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