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The Life of Pablo

Band: Kanye West Album: The Life of Pablo Best song: “No More Parties in L.A.” Worst song: “I Love Kanye West” is dumb. The Life of Pablo was finally released Sunday — two days after it was supposed to be released and three days after a pretty weird fashion show/listening party at Madison Square Garden — and […]

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Band: Kanye West Album: Yeezus Best song: Let’s say… “I’m In It.” Worst song: Probably “Bound 2” I try to stay away from hip hop in this space for the obvious reason that I’m going to sound like the people I shit on: white people who like only backpack or “acceptable” rap and/or some kind of […]

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808s & Heartbreak

Band: Kanye WestAlbum: 808s & HeartbreakBest song: “Love Lockdown” is pretty good. “Say You Will” is pretty good.Worst song: The end of the record trails off and repetitiveness is a problem. Kanye West is wonderful producer. He’s a decent rapper on his own stuff. He’s not a singer. Q.E.D. You must know those things in […]

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