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For Emma, Forever Ago

Band: Bon IverAlbum: For Emma, Forever AgoBest song: “Skinny Love,” “For Emma” and “Re: Stacks” are the album highlights.Worst song: “The Wolves (Act I and II)” is ambitious, but, ultimately falls short. For Emma, Forever Ago was recorded and self-released in 2007 originally, but it saw (sorta) wide release in 2008, so, let’s include it […]

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808s & Heartbreak

Band: Kanye WestAlbum: 808s & HeartbreakBest song: “Love Lockdown” is pretty good. “Say You Will” is pretty good.Worst song: The end of the record trails off and repetitiveness is a problem. Kanye West is wonderful producer. He’s a decent rapper on his own stuff. He’s not a singer. Q.E.D. You must know those things in […]

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Band: PortisheadAlbum: ThirdBest song: “Machine Gun” and “Plastic” are amazing. Worst song: I actually like every song on this record. Coming in at no. 419 on the RS 500 list, Portishead’s debut album is a classic among classics. Indeed, to say that Dummy is the definitive trip-hop album and a joy. I’m not a big […]

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Tha Carter III

Band: Lil WayneAlbum: The Carter IIIBest song: Oh, man, pick it. Just about every song on the record is amazing, from the long political tome “DontGetIt” to the standard club jam “Got Money” to the introspective romance (yes, romance) song “Prostitute 2” to the slow jam of “Lollipop.” I could go on.Worst song: “La La” […]

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