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Mic City Sons

Band: Heatmiser Album: Mic City Sons Best song: “Plainclothes Man” is among Elliott Smith’s best songs. Worst song: I am lukewarm on “Eagle Eye.” I’ve referenced this before, but Patton Oswalt has a track on his record Werewolves and Lollipops called “At Midnight, I Will Kill George Lucas With a Shovel.” The premise is that if we […]

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Electric Guitar One

Band: Emma Ruth Rundle Album: Electric Guitar One Best song: “For Paul” Worst song: “Dialogue Preceding” One of the self-evident parts of fandom is the strange reality of coming near the subject of said fandom. I suspect it’s not a real thing for super duper mainstream artists. Let me back up. I’ve interviewed a bunch of musicians […]

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Band: Tom Petty Album: Wildflowers Best song: The title track is one of my favorite Petty songs. Worst song: “Hard on Me” isn’t the best. After the Concert for Valor, I had an interesting conversation with my boss (a big Springsteen fan) about a certain brand of straight rock and roll and its place in society. He […]

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So Much For The Afterglow

Band: Everclear Album: So Much For The Afterglow Best song: “Everything to Everyone” is very catchy. Worst song: “Hating You For Christmas” is as dumb as the title suggests. Recency bias is a funny thing. Because I want to rewrite my own history, I tend to claim my high school years were soundtracked by a combination of […]

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Band: Banks Album: Goddess Best song: “Brain” is brilliant. Worst song: “Warm Water” is not my favorite. I first came across Banks because of her acoustic cover of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody” that was splashed across every music blog in the world over the summer. Being a huge fan of that song, I listened to that […]

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