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Band: Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth RundleAlbum:AnhedoniaBest song:It’s one song. Worst song:N/A Childhood memories are weird things. I’ve noted a lot that my earliest memories are of Chicago Stadium, at ‘Hawks games. If I’m being honest, they’re more vignettes and sense memories. The smell of stale beer and piss in the bathrooms or the deafening […]

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May Our Chambers Be Full

Band: Emma Ruth Rundle and ThouAlbum: May Our Chambers Be FullBest song: “The Valley” is one of the best songs in recent memory.Worst song:”Monolith” is the only track without Rundle. One of my worst impulses that I continuously follow – even though I know it’s bad – is to know as much information about a […]

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Electric Guitar One

Band: Emma Ruth Rundle Album: Electric Guitar One Best song: “For Paul” Worst song: “Dialogue Preceding” One of the self-evident parts of fandom is the strange reality of coming near the subject of said fandom. I suspect it’s not a real thing for super duper mainstream artists. Let me back up. I’ve interviewed a bunch of musicians […]

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Some Heavy Ocean

Band: Emma Ruth Rundle Album: Some Heavy Ocean Best song: “Run Forever” is the most-played song on Spotify and is a great song. Really, I like every song on the album a ton. “We ARe All Ghosts” is my current favorite, but that changes weekly. Worst song: I’ll cop out and say “You Card the Sun” is […]

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